Frankie Pace Is Long Island Old School Comedy

Frankie Pace is a Long Island Comedy Master!

Gateway Comedy Club is proud to present on our east end stages one of our favorite headliners Frankie Pace. He is an accomplished stand-up who’s expert comic timing and exaggerated physical comedy rivals the top performers working today. Frankie is a Long Island legend who got his start in show business during the comedy boom in the early eighties at Dick Dixon’s White House Inn along with comic greats like¬†Eddie Murphy, Jackie Martling, Rosie O’Donnell, Rob Bartlett, Bob Nelson, and Jim Meyers. His stand-up act was featured on Saturday Night Live. A talented actor, Frankie has made appearances on the Cosby Show and the the cult classic feature film Ryder, P.I. Frankie is also a writer who’s novel Rains of Fire is available on Amazon.

See Frankie Pace on July 7th at the Gateway Comedy Club in Ronkonkoma. Click here for tickets.


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